Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What you may not know: Week of April 4, Election Day edition

Good morning folks,

I'm quite pressed for time today so I hope you'll forgive me for skipping my usual update, but while I have a moment I did want to remind everyone that today is the spring election in Appleton, so please get out and cast your vote. In addition to the presidential primary you've likely heard about, today voters across the city will also have contested races for mayor and the state supreme court.

If you live in the 13th district, your polling location is Faith Lutheran Church, at 3100 E Evergreen Drive. If you don't live in the 13th district or you're not sure, you can find your polling location at my.appleton.org. The polls are open from 7 am-8 pm today, and this time you are required to present a photo ID.

Thanks for reading and voting, and have a great day!

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